Anatomy of a Storm - wednesday 2006-07-19 1745 last modified 2006-07-19 1745
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Boston lightning redux

Around 11PM, we noticed there was some brilliant lightning through the skyscrapers. The timing could have maybe been a little better; I might have had an hour and a half to shoot instead of an hour. Another awesome display greeted us as we left the subway.

The thunderstorm seemed to be taking a perfect photographer's path, coming in around the harbor and sidling down the river, slowly making its way around such that my vantage point saw less and less over downtown Boston as more and more bolts showed up over Fenway and BU. There was no rain over me for a good forty minutes, but slowly the storm threatened to make its way overhead. The lightning show was mostly silent, but then soft rumblings could be heard. The wind, dead for the most part, discernibly picked up, whipping the miscellaneous litter about the ground into a frenzy and disturbing the formerly calm river waters.

Then the little droplets. Soon enough, the camera lens was picking up beads of rain, and it was time to pack it in. Not long after, the storm arrived. In a reverse of the last lightning session, I was running home in the rain instead of into the storm.

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