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I was driving back from Providence, making good time as I repeatedly had to ditch the idea of a midnight stop at the beach and the temptation to then stay there until sunrise. Foiled mostly because, hey, how do I actually get to a beach on this coast?

As I pulled into the final four miles leading home, half of which were freeway, I suddenly realized at 70mph that the car in front of me was rapidly approaching as if it were stopped. Impossible, I thought, why would they be stopped on a freeway? Well, they were. For half a mile. Almost no movement.

Freeway. 1AM. Traffic jam. Not sane.

This is what I miss not having a car in Boston. Poor me. Apparently complications of the Big Dig fiasco shut down three of four freeway lanes. I suppose I have Cellucci to blame for my extended evening.

Congratulations, Junarm and Melissa.

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