Amazon Disclosure - wednesday 2007-02-21 0117 last modified 2007-02-21 0117
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The library and movies sections are now linked to Amazon for referral fees. They were basically there already in the library section (to specific products in Amazon and Barnes & Noble) and half-there in the movies (to IMDB, owned and advertised on by Amazon). So caveat emptor. Also, there's a link to those wishlist dealies on the movies page. Barnes & Noble's affiliate program is currently broken. I'll probably join for the library section if that ever comes back.

I may take it all down in the future. I don't like the feeling of supporting Amazon; I may be bleeding a bit of their profit from them, but it's just possible a better vendor I actually like would have been found if I'd left the referrals entirely out. We'll see. I have no need to generate revenue from my domain name, but if the evil online retailer wants to throw me minor concessions for my minimal efforts, I'll bite. For now.

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