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I finally got around to opening up my laptop and taking out the hard drive. I'm pretty sure the read head broke off, because lightly shaking the drive produces this sound that castanetas make, not a good sign of health for hard drives. So much for extracting any data off that disk.

Now I'm just waiting for my 40G drive to arrive over FedEx. While I wait, I can finally get around to filing off part of the back of the laptop, which for some reason Sony thought would be a good idea to use to block off the AC cord whenever the laptop was shut. Bad design. Very, very bad design which will be rectified soon.

So one of those things I wanted to write about is my newly discovered love of cooking and The Food Channel. If I start dumping recipes into my journal, I'm definitely going to have to come up with some categorization widgets to at least distinguish between cooking and nerdy things.

I never used to go grocery shopping because I'd have to plan out what I cook. Now I've been converted into buying whatever's on sale and making do with that. So so far I've made plain old spinach and garlic, green beans and ground beef (usually spicy in your average Chinese/Americanized Chinese restaurant, but I don't have any spices right now), and some chicken, tomato, and spinach pasta deal. The last one was an attempt to use the technique of cooking in olive oil and butter I've seen a couple times on the Food Channel, but despite the other flavorings I used, the predominant one that came out was the butter. I didn't quite like that, but it wasn't too bad.

Now I have some cucumbers, spinach, and eggs left. I'll probably toss the spinach in the eggs for one and try to make sesame oil/soy sauce marinaded cucumbers (something my mom makes - where do you think I learned these things? Ain't the TV, I don't have money to buy fresh chives and basil every day...).

In other news, I've decided to give Lexington one more chance. I think I have much to learn about relating to a church in general and this church in particular. Anyways, more on that later. Gotta go to LCS headquarters and start the employment process.


I am glad that y...

I am glad that you are learning cooking. Sounds like you are doing quite well as a starter. I do not like the smell of butter and butter never gets into our door. It is healthy to use olive oil in your cooking. You could do quite a lot with eggs. But you have to limit the consumption of egg to maybe 3 a week the most. You could be a big help to your wife if you can cook. She sure would appreciate very much as she will not feel that she is the only one who has to do it.

Do you start working on October 1? I am so happy for you that you could apply the knowledge that you have learned from schooling. How is the health insurance benefits? What are the choices of flights you have for the trip home? Those are the things we are still waiting for answers from you.

eunice lee on September 27, 2002 08:31 PM

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