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I'm doing some design work to improve the appearance of I'm using CSS1, which Mozilla > 0.8, IE 5.5 for Mac, and Netscape > 6.2 should display correctly. Using anything else is pretty much from the dark ages of the Web. I don't agree with forced browser upgrades like some sites attempt to push, by denying content to anybody with the wrong user agent string, so I'm also trying to figure out a good way to display the better design to those who can see it and a dumber design to those who can't. Let me know what you think of things so far.

I was checking my referral log and noted there was an abnormally large number of visits from Matt's site, so I went and looked at his archive of entries and saw he was mentioning me and my posilutely groundbreaking journal (not). Well hey, somebody notices the stuff I write here. I'd have to say I dig his music deal - sometime I'd like to start tying more interesting things into that actually relate to real life, like some of those nutty light and temperature controller folks in years past across the web. Preheating my room before I come home or turning off the lights I forgot I left on would be pretty sweet. File that one away for later exploration.


By the way, wh...

By the way, when looking in my logs, I found someone coming from this general netblock,, and I have no idea who they are. Atlanta, perhaps? Could you comment or contact (or email, if you know it) me? Just wondering who you are. Yes, I know, it's freaky to go looking in your logs and tracking other people's browsing habits. So be it. I'm a nerd, it's fun for nerds.

Ryan Lee on September 28, 2002 04:28 AM

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