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Another domestic day, with the apartmentmates out for the weekend for a retreat. When they're gone, I get down and...clean. I suppose my kitchen duties are still technically not finished since I have a floor to mop down and a bunch of junk to sort through and throw away. I should call them together for an organization meeting, I don't think we understand each other's kitchen habits too well.

My Abraham Lincoln biography arrived, I've been reading in my spare time. He was kind of arrogant before the presidency, acccording to this biographer. I suppose being president managed to change something of him. We'll see, I'm only a fifth of the way through the book, and truthfully, this Illinois period of his life is kind of boring - I don't really care much about the big political issues of Sangamon County in the mid-nineteenth century, and they didn't seem to be all that important to Lincoln besides being political party lines to follow.

Here's something I doubt anybody cares to know. I took out a n old, dull pocketknife and scraped my retainer clean. That white crap that builds up, it comes off if you get a metal object and dig at it. Didn't you want to know that.

So I've been motivated for a very long time to get a knowledge management module running for me to record stuff I learn. It would have been nice, in particular, to have recorded everything I did to get things for Mandrake Linux working in my laptop's previous incarnation, which I really don't remember and basically have to relearn to make work again. Though this time the problem is with the software extender and the big hard drive, not sure how I'm going to work through this one... But if I do, I'll stick the record in my knowledge management system.


i need one

i think i need one of those knowledge management systems. preferably in php and mysql. know where i can find it?

mac gngsta on October 07, 2002 05:49 AM

You can use mi...

You can use mine until you find one you want. I'll see if I can work on an XML DTD to make exporting and importing easier. An interesting aspect of knowledge is that it can be linked together; the function is in the KM code, but I haven't gotten to make it completely work yet, so if several people use it, the connections between knowledge might be just as useful as the knowledge itself.

Just a thought. No, I don't know of any other basic PHP/MySQL KM systems just because people think it's such a huge topic that they usually just build their own huge KM system with their own tech. Plus I haven't looked. Plus I don't use either of those actively. So ask Google or someone who's more familiar with the tools you use.

Ryan Lee on October 08, 2002 05:08 AM

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