Restarting Redesign - tuesday 2006-02-21 0635 last modified 2006-02-21 0700
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If you wait long enough, old fashioned design becomes new again. I should populate everything around here with animated flames and dancing babies now to start the retro web trend.

More than two years ago, I thought needed an overhaul to escape the look of the early aughts and move into them new XHTML and CSS doohickies. I was coming up with new crap every couple of weeks, posting links to the latest iteration, trying to get some feedback each time. For some reason I never got around to picking any of those. Increasing levels of tediousness surrounding boxy outlines and everything, I guess; that last iteration really wasn't so bad in rough form, but I just stopped after that.

So now that things really look dated, I guess it's time to try again. Only now, I will actually use this design, I swear. It just needs spit and polish. I might even use that "new" AJAX stuff. It will be so groundbreaking, so trendy, so... very much like my first homepage with a slew of horrendous DHTML. Old things really do find their way back into fashion. Beware the dancing baby.

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